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Register Now for Conference on Innovation in Greenhouse and Vertical Farming

Wed, Jan 23rd, 2019, created by Joyce Latimer

Join us for the 2019 Conference on Innovationin Greenhouse and Vertical Farming to be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, atthe Virginia Farm Bureau in Richmond, VA.

Controlledenvironment agriculture is a rapidly growing area of agriculture. Join academicand industry experts for this one-day event focused on the latest advances inprotected culture, sensor technology, lighting, computer vision, automation,and vertical farming. Hear from technical experts as well as Virginia producerswho have been successful in incorporating controlled environment agricultureinto their business models.

Featuringone of e-GRO’s own specialists, Neil Mattson, Ph.D., Director of the CornellUniversity Controlled Environment Agriculture group, will kick the conference offwith his Keynote Address on Building a Controlled Environment Agriculture Business:Site, Structure, Crops and Growing System. Later Neil will talk about nichemarkets filled by successful vertical farms and energy modeling in verticalfarms and greenhouses.

Inaddition, Chris Higgins of Hort Americas will be joining us as a Special GuestSpeaker with an update on LED lighting options for commercial vertical farms aswell as a presentation in the greenhouse track on using technology for climatecontrol and reducing labor needs.

Inaddition to the academics and technical experts we have three Virginia farmersthat have developed successful CEA operations in greenhouses or indoor farms.Learn from the grass roots, how to do build your own CEA business. Check outthe full program, speaker bios, and registration link on our website

Pre-registration ends February 28, 2019. Space is limited. Exhibitor space and sponsorshipopportunities are still available. For more information, contact Joyce Latimer at 

About the Author:

Joyce Latimer

Professor, Horticulture, Virginia Tech

Joyce Latimer is a Professor and Greenhouse Extension Specialist at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA. Her specialty is in perennials production, problem solving, and plant growth regulation of herbaceous perennials under greenhouse and nursery conditions. Joyce also works with greenhouse energy efficiency education and implementation programs.

Joyce has been recognized for her Extension service to the industry with the Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence (Virginia Tech, 2010), Horticultural Initiative Award (Southeast Color Connection, 2010), and the Outreach Excellence Award (Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2007).

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