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2020 Spring and Summer Color Palette

Thu, Jan 16th, 2020, created by W. Garrett Owen
Blue. Bleu. Blau. Azul. In any language, we associate the primary color blue with the sky and ocean, and to a lesser extent –bedding plants. Technically, classic blue is the Pantone color of the year. As growers and retailers of plant material, you can utilize the Pantone ColorInstitute spring and summer 2020 color palette to your advantage. According to color psychology, e.g. the study of how color influences human behavior and feelings, suggest that blue creates a feeling of tranquility, calmness, relaxation, and good health among many others. Therefore, as greenhouse growers, we can use the power of blue flowering bedding plants or containers to influence behavior while also incorporating the color of the year. Growers should consider containers or hanging baskets with monochromatic or mix combination plantings of blue flowering plants with complementary colors. Plant material with blue flowers include ageratum, Allium, aster, blue false indigo (Baptisia), Brunnera, campanula, cineraria, clematis, delphinium, Evolvulus, forget me not, grape hyacinth, hydrangea, Iris, lily of the Nile (Agapanthus), lobelia, morning glory (Ipomoea), pansy, petunia, platycodon, primula, Russian sage (Perovskia),salvia, scabiosa, streptocarpus, streptocarpella, torenia, verbena, veronica, and/or viola. In retail garden centers, creating end caps or displays by pairing blue or color complementing plants or containers together should be considered. While classic blue is the official color for 2020, according to Pantone Color Institute color experts, spring and summer 2020 colors also include flame scarlet, saffron, Biscay green, chive, faded denim, orange peel, mosaic blue, sunlight, coral pink, cinnamon stick, and grape compote. In addition, core hues, or those colors that provide a foundation for color contrasts, include lark (similar to khaki), navy blazer, brilliant white, and ash (gray). Overall, growers should consider this color palette while choosing plant material and containers when planting for spring and summer 2020.

About the Author:

W. Garrett Owen

Greenhouse Outreach Specialist, Michigan State University

W. Garrett Owen is the Eastern Michigan Floriculture and Controlled-environment horticulture Outreach Specialist with Michigan State University based in Novi, MI. He has an appointment split between Outreach and research. His areas of research interest include propagation and production, nutrition, growth regulation, cold hardiness, and production problem diagnostics.

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