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Interpreting Water Quality Tests

Wed, Jan 29th, 2020, created by Rosa Raudales
Testing the quality of irrigation water is an important step to develop nutrient programs and to manage other water-related issues like clogging.

We developed WaterQual - a free online tool that interprets the quality of a water source for use in irrigation of plants in greenhouses and nurseries. It is simple to use, just enter data for quality parameters you are interested in and click the 'Interpret' button.

You do not need to enter data for all the parameters to be able to use the tool, but you do need to have test results at hand.

The interpreter will indicate the acceptable range for each parameter and recommendations to your specific results.

Find WaterQual at:

Test your irrigation water and try WaterQual today!

About the Author:

Rosa Raudales

Assistant Professor and Greenhouse Specialist, University of Connecticut

Rosa Raudales carries out applied research and extension in greenhouse crops.  Specific areas of interest are water quality for irrigation, and biofilm and disease control in container-grown and hydroponic crops.

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