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Using NICH Resources to Grow Your Business

Wed, May 6th, 2020, created by Joyce Latimer
Using NICH Resources to Grow Your Business

The mission of NICH (National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture) is "to grow a healthy world through plants, gardens, and landscapes."

Plants unquestionably make the world a better place. NICH is focused on consumer horticulture, explaining to our ultimate purchasers the value and purpose of plants in our daily lives. Maybe you have seen some of their original infographics under the hashtag PlantsDoThat focusing on how having plants indoors improves the air quality, healing, mental health, and learning. These along with their overall infographic, “The Power of Plants: Enriching Lives, Creating Jobs, Building Wealth, Saving Money,” released in 2017, are available on their website as FREE pdf downloads for use in your educational or marketing programs.

More recently, they have developed a full series of infographics on things that plants do outdoors:
  • For pollinators
  • For water
  • For cities and suburbs
  • For soil health
  • To reduce wildfire risk
In addition to these infographics, NICH promotes other programs related to horticulture by providing graphics and memes for you to use in your social media programs. Right now you can download memes promoting National Public Garden Week, May 8-17 from the NICH website. Previous postings include graphics for holidays, like Valentine’s Day, Arbor Day or Earth Day.

And, there are timely graphics you can use on social distancing, or my favorite, “Got some free time? Teach them to garden!”.

So, check out the NICH resources and see how similar our missions are:

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Instagram: @consumerhort

About the Author:

Joyce Latimer

Professor, Horticulture, Virginia Tech

Joyce Latimer is a Professor and Greenhouse Extension Specialist at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA. Her specialty is in perennials production, problem solving, and plant growth regulation of herbaceous perennials under greenhouse and nursery conditions. Joyce also works with greenhouse energy efficiency education and implementation programs.

Joyce has been recognized for her Extension service to the industry with the Alumni Award for Outreach Excellence (Virginia Tech, 2010), Horticultural Initiative Award (Southeast Color Connection, 2010), and the Outreach Excellence Award (Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 2007).

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