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Register for NEW Abiotic Disorders of Greenhouse Crops Online Course

Wed, Jun 3rd, 2020, created by Heidi Linberg

Registration for the all new Abiotic Disorders of Greenhouse Crops Course in Michigan State University Extension’s award-winning College of Knowledge series is now open. Growers or other interested professionals can participate in the summer sessions of this series by signing up until June 13, 2020. 


Abiotic Disorder of Greenhouse Crops Course Information

Michigan State University Extension partnered with Dr. Garrett Owen at the  University of Kentucky Extension to prepare this all new course on abiotic or physiological disorders. Abiotic plant problems are those that are caused by non-living things, such as cultural or environmental conditions. This course is intended for greenhouse and ornamental plant growers interested in learning how insect pests, disease, nutrition, and the greenhouse environment and cultural practices affects plant growth thereby inducing or contributing to the onset of abiotic disorders of greenhouse crops. This course will guide you through the diagnostic process to learn what abiotic factors can cause plant problems causing top growth symptoms (on either foliage, stem or flower buds) or root symptoms.The cost to take the course is $129. Read more about the course: Abiotic Disorders of Greenhouse Crops. 

Other Courses Available

There are three other courses available for the summer 2020 session, all of which are available in English and Spanish. Read more about the other three courses. 

Available scholarships and incentives

For the summer 2020 session, there are three scholarships available for those interested in each course but do not have the financial means to take it. 

Register by June 13, 2020

Register now for the NEW online course or others in the series at

About the Author:

Heidi Linberg

Greenhouse Extension Educator, Michigan State University

Heidi Lindberg is a greenhouse and nursery extension educator based in West Olive, Michigan. She serves growers in western Michigan, especially the dense number of growers in Ottawa, Kent, and Muskegon counties. She provides research-based educational programming and diagnostic support for greenhouse growers in southwest Michigan.

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