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The New England Floriculture Guide is Free!

Thu, Feb 4th, 2021, created by Rosa Raudales

The New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide: A Management Guide for Insects, Diseases, Weeds, and Growth Regulators is now free at 

This Guide is a reference manual for commercial greenhouse growers that presents information on pest, diseases, plant growth regulators, and algae management and other production management techniques for floricultural crops grown in greenhouses. While the guide is made with New England growers in mind and the products listed and rates include those that are labeled to be used in New England states, the Guide is a good reference for greenhouse growers everywhere.

The Guide has been an industry standard for a few decades now. This year the guide is free thanks to the sponsorship of the New England Floriculture, Inc. sponsor of the biennial Northeast Greenhouse Conference and Expo and UConn Extension. The Guide is a joint effort of faculty and professional staff of the New England land grant universities.

To purchase hard copies of the 2020-2021 New England Floriculture Guide place your order online at Lulua print-on-demand service. The printed guide costs $35 (plus tax & shipping).