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Broad Mite on Anemone

Wed, Sep 1st, 2021, created by Nora Catlin

While we see broad mite most often in annual flower and vegetable crops grown in greenhouses, realize that this pest has a wide host range and has also been seen affecting herbaceous perennials as well as some woody plants.  This year broad mite was seen affecting Japanese anemone (pictured, photo by Dan Gilrein) and climbing hydrangea.  Broad mites cause distorted new growth, often with an associated bronzing of the undersides of the infested leaves.  Sometimes flowers can be affected, with petals showing discoloration.


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About the Author:

Nora Catlin

Floriculture Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Nora Catlin is the Floriculture Specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.  She creates educational programs and materials, conducts applied research and demonstrations, and consults and advises growers on production, regulatory, or business issues.

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