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Plant Growth Regulators for Coleus

Wed, Jan 26th, 2022, created by W. Garrett Owen

Coleus are excellent foliage plants and often produced in cell packs, containers, and mix combination planters. However, controlling plant growth can be challenging. The general rule of thumb is to produce a containerized plant that is 1.5 times the height of the container, but this of course varies by cultivar, container size, and market. Some cultivars vary in plant vigor and do not branch freely, and thus require pruning. Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are excellent tools that can assist growers with enhancing quality of their containerized plants such as controlling plant growth and/or induce branching without wounding the plant. The 2021-22 Plant Growth Regulators for Annuals is an excellent resource if growers need assistance in selecting PGRs and application rates to control growth of coleus or other flowering bedding plants. If you need help mixing PGRs, then check out the PGRMix Master. It was designed to help with all your mixing needs.

About the Author:

W. Garrett Owen

Assistant Professor and Greenhouse Extension Specialist , University of Kentucky

W. Garrett Owen is an Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist of floriculture, greenhouse and controlled-environment crop production in the Department of Horticulture at the University of Kentucky. He has an appointment in research, teaching and Extension. His area of expertise is controlled environment specialty crop production; plant nutrition; plant growth regulation; and production problem diagnostics.

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