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Chilling Injury Symptoms

Thu, Apr 14th, 2022, created by Roberto Lopez
Given that both tomatoes and peppers are warm-season crops, they are prone to symptoms of chilling injury in the greenhouses at temperatures below 41 F and  50 F, respectively. The day following the exposure, leaves can appear water soaked or darkened and will gradually develop into necrotic lesions as seen in this photo. While these plants did not die, if flower or buds were present during the exposure, subsequent plant growth and fruit set maybe adversely affected. 

About the Author:

Roberto Lopez

Associate Professor and Floriculture/Controlled Environment Extension Specialist, Michigan State University

Roberto G. Lopez is an Associate Professor and Floriculture/Controlled Environment Extension Specialist at Michigan State University. He has an appointment in research, teaching and extension. His area of expertise is; controlled environment specialty crop production; Lighting applications for greenhouses and indoor vertical production; light-emitting diodes; young plant propagation.

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