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Kontos Phytotoxicity on Geranium

Thu, May 5th, 2022, created by Nora Catlin

A recent sample of phytotoxicity is a reminder that Kontos (spirotetramat) should not be used on geraniums and to always read your pesticide labels.


Geraniums samples with cupped leaves and bleached foliage were a result of phytotoxicity due to Kontos (spirotetramat) application. The Kontos label cautions against the use on geraniums. Avoid the use of this product on this crop and to also be careful with potential off-target application including drenching baskets that may drip on a geranium crop below.


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About the Author:

Nora Catlin

Floriculture Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Nora Catlin is the Floriculture Specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.  She creates educational programs and materials, conducts applied research and demonstrations, and consults and advises growers on production, regulatory, or business issues.

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