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Trouble with Tropicals? Join our March 16th webinar!

Thu, Feb 9th, 2023, created by Heidi Linberg
Mealybug, scale, and spider mites, oh my! Tropical plants often carry troublesome hitch-hikers. Join Michigan State University Extension and Dr. Sarah Jandricic, Greenhouse Floriculture IPM Specialist for Ontario, on Thursday, March 16 at noon for a FREE webinar to talk about the most common pests of tropical and foliage plants. These will include whitefly, echinothrips, mealybug and scale insects, as well some new pest threats to be on the lookout for. Management tactics will cover both pesticides and effective biocontrol strategies that have worked for Canadian growers.

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About the Author:

Heidi Linberg

Greenhouse Extension Educator, Michigan State University

Heidi Lindberg is a greenhouse and nursery extension educator based in West Olive, Michigan. She serves growers in western Michigan, especially the dense number of growers in Ottawa, Kent, and Muskegon counties. She provides research-based educational programming and diagnostic support for greenhouse growers in southwest Michigan.

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