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Such Bugs and Goblins! Another Thrips Threat

Thu, Mar 9th, 2023, created by Dan Gilrein

Apparently unexpected new pests have been appearing even since Shakespeare’s time. One popping up in recent discussions, Thrips parvispinus, was new to continental North America when first reported from Florida on Anthurium and Hoya in 2020.  It’s also been found in Canada and last month showed up in our Entomology Diagnostic Lab in NY in Anthurium samples from out of state. Symptoms of infestation generally appear as leaf scarring and distortion.  Besides those noted, crops affected in greenhouses include schefflera, peppers, gardenia, mandevilla and Dipladenia and in Florida it’s also been found in outdoor peppers. One specialist noted it is also a problem on beans, papaya and ‘many ornamentals.’ Control is complicated by the insects’ habit of feeding protected within foliage on terminal growth.  We’re still looking for information on most effective management options (biocontrol and conventional) and hope to report on that soon. If you suspect this insect might be present submit samples to your regional diagnostic lab for identification. For more info and photos see this Florida Pest Alert

About the Author:

Dan Gilrein

Entomologist, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

Dan Gilrein is the Extension Entomologist with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County at the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center, Riverhead, NY since 1995 and previously served there as IPM Specialist with Cornell from 1987. In his current position he conducts applied research on control of arthropod pests in food crops and on ornamental plants, provides diagnostic services to the horticultural industries, and conducts educational programs and presentations for industry, government officials, civic groups and the public on pests and pest management.

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