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Irrigation Management for Iron Management

Wed, Mar 29th, 2023, created by Brian Whipker
Water management can be a challenge as plants mature and warmer greenhouse conditions occur. In order to try to avoid drought stress, it is easy to irrigate more frequently.  This can result in inducing iron chlorosis as seen here with this gerbera plant.  Additional details about water management and iron can be found in:

E-GRO Alert 11.36, The Irony of Overwatering 

About the Author:

Brian Whipker

Professor, Horticulture, North Carolina State University

Brian E. Whipker is a professor of floriculture at North Carolina State University. He has an appointment split between extension and research, but also teaches the graduate level plant nutrition course at NC State. His specialization is plant nutrition, plant growth regulators, and problem diagnostics. He brings over 30 year of experience in diagnosing grower plant problems.

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