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Uneven Lettuce Growth in NFT Systems

Wed, Apr 19th, 2023, created by Roberto Lopez

Regardless of the material you use to germinate your lettuce seedlings, it is important that rooted seedlings make contact with the water in a nutrient film technique (NFT) system. In this example, you can see variability in the growth of several mature lettuce plants that was caused by seedling roots not making direct contact with the film of water upon transplant and being stressed compared to the other plants in the same trough. Periodically check roots to make sure they are contacting the bottom of the trough and that they look healthy.

About the Author:

Roberto Lopez

Associate Professor and Floriculture/Controlled Environment Extension Specialist, Michigan State University

Roberto G. Lopez is an Associate Professor and Floriculture/Controlled Environment Extension Specialist at Michigan State University. He has an appointment in research, teaching and extension. His area of expertise is; controlled environment specialty crop production; Lighting applications for greenhouses and indoor vertical production; light-emitting diodes; young plant propagation.

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