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Proper pH Meter Storage

Wed, May 9th, 2018, created by W. Garrett Owen

Spring is upon us and itís a mad rush to the finish line. Many small things seem to fall through the cracks like properly storing your pH meterís electrode (stem and glass bulb). Now that I have mentioned it, have you checked your pH meterís electrode lately? If not, take the time now to go check it. Did you find salt deposits around or little to no storage solution in the cap? Improper storage or conditioning will result in salt deposits around the electrode cap and stem, and the electrode drying out. Using electrodes that were stored dry or in a solution other than a recommended storage solution may often times provide inaccurate readings and results. If one finds salt deposits, simply rinse the electrode stem with water. If little to no storage solution is found in the storage cap, refill the cap with the recommended storage solution for your pH meter. If a pH meter electrode glass bulb is found dry, rehydrate the tip by placing it in storage solution for at least 30 minutes to reactivate. Maintenance of pH meters are often company and maybe model-specific. One should always read instruction manuals for to conducting routine maintenance and properly storing pH meters thereby ensuring longevity and accuracy.

About the Author:

W. Garrett Owen

Greenhouse Outreach Specialist, Michigan State University

W. Garrett Owen is the Eastern Michigan Floriculture and Controlled-environment horticulture Outreach Specialist with Michigan State University based in Novi, MI. He has an appointment split between Outreach and research. His areas of research interest include propagation and production, nutrition, growth regulation, cold hardiness, and production problem diagnostics.

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