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What Are Your Worst Problems? Help Prioritize Research by Completing Survey

Tue, Jul 11th, 2023, created by Nora Catlin

Complete the USDA IR4 Biennial Grower & Extension Survey and share which pest problems you find difficult to manage due to a lack of sufficient management tools. Not only do you get the chance to gripe about what your most challenging insect, mite, disease, and weed pests are, this information directly helps determine priorities for research for 2024-2025


Click here to fill out the survey.


The survey will be open until September 1st. Please make sure you click on ‘Submit’ after the last question to send your completed survey.


The IR‐4 Environmental Horticulture focuses on greenhouse, nursery, landscape, Christmas tree, and forestry producers. The primary objectives of the program are to facilitate new product registrations and to place new diseases, insects, and weeds, as well as new crops, on ornamental horticulture product labels. Visit the IR4 Environmental Horticulture Program Website, to learn more about the program and survey. 

About the Author:

Nora Catlin

Floriculture Specialist, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Nora Catlin is the Floriculture Specialist for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.  She creates educational programs and materials, conducts applied research and demonstrations, and consults and advises growers on production, regulatory, or business issues.

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