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Participate in the National Green Industry Survey Today!

Thu, Apr 4th, 2024, created by Beth Scheckelhoff

You are invited to participate in the National Green Industry Survey, a study conducted every five years to help gauge green industry trends, production practices, and marketing and retail trends. The study has been funded through the Horticulture Research Institute since 1993 and is led by horticulturists and ag economists from numerous universities across the US. 

Your participation in the survey not only provides invaluable insight into current practices but highlights the economic significance of our industry now and into the future.  To participate in the survey, follow this link before May 1, 2024.

Past findings (1988-2018) from the Green Industry Research Consortium's National Green Industry Survey can be found here.

About the Author:

Beth Scheckelhoff

Extension Educator, The Ohio State University

Beth Scheckelhoff is an Extension Educator for Greenhouse Systems at The Ohio State University. Beth provides Ohio greenhouse vegetable and ornamental growers with research-based information and recommendations for crop production, pest management, business management, and produce safety topics via educational programs, individual consultations, and publications.

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