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Flashy Tags Demonstrate Benefits

Thu, Apr 11th, 2024, created by Heidi Linberg
The point-of-purchase tags have gotten larger and more attractive in recent years. Dr. Bridget Behe, Professor Emeritus of Horticultural Marketing, always said that consumers "don't buy features, they purchase benefits." According to years' worth of consumer research, the point-of-sale tags should convey plant attributes, helpful information, and benefits to consumers. This line of burpee vegetable transplants did just that: the tags had high contrast, visually appealing colors, and prominently featured the uses of the tomato variety 'Baby Boomer.' The tag demonstrated that this variety of tomato was excellent for snacking, salads, and making into a salsa. I appreciated the 'great for containers' attribute since you don't even have to think about the height and spread of 'Baby Boomer' cherry tomatoes. 

According to Behe's eye tracking research, most Americans read a sign from left to right and from top to bottom just like you'd read a page of a book. This brand has a dominant placement on the tag and the price is on the top right. The uses of the tomatoes and features about the 'wildly big harvest' are all in more prominent left-hand locations than the price. The juxtaposition of the price next to the photo of bowl of tomatoes really helped me see the value: just a single pack of cherry tomatoes can be that price at the grocery store. This is a great example of excellent marketing that should have those tomatoes flying off the racks in retail this season.

About the Author:

Heidi Linberg

Greenhouse Extension Educator, Michigan State University

Heidi Lindberg is a greenhouse and nursery extension educator based in West Olive, Michigan. She serves growers in western Michigan, especially the dense number of growers in Ottawa, Kent, and Muskegon counties. She provides research-based educational programming and diagnostic support for greenhouse growers in southwest Michigan.

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